Caitlin and Greg

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We met in 2009 at Eastern Market metro station in DC, pictured above. On our way to work, we bumped into each other while grabbing copies of The Onion. We chatted through our commute until Greg romantically (?) gave Caitlin his business card. Since Greg is a DC-area native, and Caitlin had just moved from Michigan, he agreed to show her around the neighborhood. A few dates later, Greg inadvertently rented an apartment on the same street as Caitlin, and luckily she wasn't totally scared away by the prospect of living within half a block of one another!

In June 2017, after nearly eight years of exploring DC and Ann Arbor together, we got engaged during a weekend of brewery visits in Grand Rapids. We can't wait to celebrate our marriage this summer with family and friends from Maryland, Michigan, and beyond!
Rebecca Bowen